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About Frank Lumber

 Frank Lumber's team of expert sales-people provides you with personalized service and advice for all of your door projects. Odd sizes and out of the ordinary doors are our specialty, we welcome them. Custom homes, remodels, commercial projects, or single door replacements - we are here to help you right now, and we have that ONE door, just for YOU!

Frank Lumber, “The Door Store” ™ is a major, dependable source for doors, locks and related products. We have warehouses full of inventory- hundreds of combinations of models and sizes on hand and ready to ship now. We have 1000’s of doors in stock at both locations, interior and exterior.

Frank Lumber, “The Door Store”™ is the exclusive dealer of Kylemont Industries custom made doors. Kylemont doors are hand built in Marysville Washington by skilled craftsmen.

Imagine, doors custom built to your specifications, within two to three weeks. Every imaginable style of door can be seen at our stores. We stock a wide variety of period style leaded glass doors to match your homes’ original design.

Frank Lumber’s team of expert sales-people provides you with personalized service and advice for all of your door projects. Odd sizes and out of the ordinary doors are our specialty, we welcome them. Custom homes, remodels, commercial projects, or single door replacements- we’re here to help you right now.

Frank Lumber, “The Door Store” ™ has been doing business in the North City area of Seattle for over 60 years. We began as a local lumber and hardware store, supplying materials to build and remodel homes and businesses in our community.

About 30 years ago, Frank Lumber became Frank Lumber, “The Door Store”™, and we became specialists in doors and related products. By supplying doors to contractors and homeowners throughout Western Washington, we evolved into who we are today, a leader in the door industry.

We are proud to serve all of the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Pacific Rim.

The Frank Lumber team strives every day to deserve the trust of our valued customers – we still earn it just like Walt Frank did, by honest hard work.

Frank Lumber's Salmon Revitalization Project

Frank Lumber's Salmon Revitalization Project.

Working to establish & improve the Salmon Runs in local Creeks and Streams. The salmon eggs have hatched in the 2 creeks that Frank Lumber has created hatcheries. McAlleer Creek and Lyon Creek.

Lyon Creek comes from wetlands in south Snohomish County and flows 3.8 miles through Lake Forest Park, then drains into the NW corner of Lake Washington. The drainage basin is approximately 2,600 acres in size, one of the smallest of the Lake Washington tributary systems. The upper drainage basin is composed of a westerly fork within the City of Mountlake Terrace and an easterly fork in the City of Brier. The west fork of Lyon Creek traverses three wetlands within the City limits of Mountlake Terrace

McAleer Creek is an local creek about 6 miles long, flowing from Lake Ballinger in southern Snohomish County to Lake Washington. It is a salmon-bearing stream that also provides habitat to cutthroat trout, as well as watering a series of riparian areas, mostly in Lake Forest Park.

 What Our Customers Say
 Read about the excellent customer service and awesome craftsmanship that Frank Lumber "The Door Store"™ strives to provide every customer, no matter how large or how small their project may be.

5 Star Rating
What a gem of a store. We stopped by late last Friday (just before closing time), so we just got our feet wet on what they offer. While the hours make it challenging for a "typical" work week, we really appreciate the hours they offer their staff.....close by 430pm and not open on the weekends, wow!Found out about this place from a blog I ran into online, i see why they got their front door from here. We hope to do the same soon!

Liz W. Emailed Feb. 23, 2023

5 Star Rating
It's THE door place.

Michael J. in Google Reviews Feb. 22, 2023

5 Star Rating
Customer was so proud of their new entry door they thought they would share a picture!  Another Happy Install

Don K. Jr. Emailed Dec. 17, 2022

5 Star Rating
Extremely impressed! Went to bargain barn and found exactly what I needed. Used the matchup service and had Frank precisely match my old door (brought it in to be sure). I keep my old hardware... The new door installed hinge matched the mating halves at home perfectly. All three hinge pins slipped into holes with minimal effort. This is accurate work! The handle and lock holes also lined up perfectly. No messing around and I saved over $1200. Other door people were warning me I needed a new frame to get the fit right. Don't buy it folks. Frank has the precision to do a simple door only swap, saving you time and money. I got the job done in a week verses 2 months.

Stephen B. in Google Reviews Oct. 28, 2022

5 Star Rating
All the pros use this place. They match and fit hinges based on your existing door so you can avoid installing a new frame. I ordered 11 replacement doors for my house...and they were less expensive thank Home Depot, even with the fitting.

Jeff T. in Google Reviews Oct. 2022

5 Star Rating
Excellent place for the perfect custom doors.

wykikilvr35 in Google Reviews Oct. 2022

5 Star Rating
Bought my first door this week, the service was great and they had what I needed. I'm a repete customer. Needed to replace 2 doors. Same great service! Ordered some bi-fold doors should be in tomorrow.

Joe B. in Google Reviews August 2022

5 Star Rating
They were originally in Marysville moved to Shoreline for several reasons. Have never heard a negative but heard lots of positives. They carry middle of the line to close to the very best .

Michael M. in Google Reviews July 2022

5 Star Rating
A lot of options of doors and friendly staff, easy to find and easy to park.

Qun Y. in Google Reviews June 2022

5 Star Rating
This company went above and beyond to help me with my door drama! We are listing our house and on a time crunch and even though they were booked solid for weeks they helped me get my door cut to size and drilled for installation! THANK YOU a million times over, Frank Lumber!

Heather W. in Google Reviews May 2022

5 Star Rating
Very professional these guys are the best I was almost too late and they're very Accommodating.

Ted H. in Google Reviews April 2022

5 Star Rating
Very helpful staff.

Teresa B. in Google Reviews Feb. 2022

5 Star Rating
Although I eventually went with Home Depot (which I regret I did) I had nothing but good experience with the store. They didn't have the door model I wanted but there are plenty of styles to choose from that will suit any design needs. Go to place for door accessories as well.

Richie M. Google Reviews Jan. 2022

5 Star Rating
Awesome customer service. Purchased 20 doors, 12 were matched to old doors, 8 were new closet and storage space space doors. The process was painless especially considering the details involved. And the prices were very reasonable.

Bob C. in Google Reviews Dec. 10, 2021

5 Star Rating
What great folks! A friend suggested them as I just bought my first house and the back door was is ROUGH shape. I priced out a new one at the big box stores and they told me it had to be a custom order because of the dimensions and that it'd be 2500$. These guys had a door in stock and even with their door match service and set for a new doggy door it was less than half! We even screwed up and forgot the doggy door for them to match so it had to be done again and they came through with that extra unexpected adjustment, fitting it into their busy schedule before we got back home. Can't say enough about the quality, price and service here. You don't usually get all three but these guys nailed it!

Courtney P. in Google Reviews November 4, 2021

5 Star Rating
The place for all things DOORS.

Kenny W. in Google Reviews October 24, 2021

5 Star Rating
Very good, very informative and helpful.

Linda M. in Google Reviews October 21, 2021

5 Star Rating
The biggest and best door store in Shoreline.

Alex S. in Google Reviews August 19, 2021

5 Star Rating
Duane Berger is the best!

Erin O. in Google Reviews September 29, 2021

5 Star Rating
Great customer service!!

Ken & Sandy J. in Google Reviews September 16, 2021

Open Monday through Friday - 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Closed Saturdays & Sundays

Our Shoreline Showroom & our new "Bargain Barn" are open. Our Marysville location continues to be closed until further notice.

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Frank Lumber “The Door Store”™
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P: (206) 362-2311

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Frank Lumber's team of expert sales-people provides you with personalized service and advice for all of your door projects.

Odd sizes and out of the ordinary doors are our specialty, we welcome them. Custom homes, remodels, commercial projects, or single door replacements- we are here to help you right now.

About Us

Frank Lumber was established in 1948 supplying building materials and hardware to the North Seattle area.

Frank Lumber began selling doors during the 1960's to satisfy demand by local contractors. Doors became an ever-increasing part of our business and today we specialize in doors and door hardware.