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Frank Lumber's Salmon Revitalization Project

 Frank Lumber has been working to establish & improve the Salmon Runs in Local Creeks & Streams since 2014. We have 2 separate locations with egg hatchery barrels. One of them is at a private residential location at Lyons Creek & one is located on McAleer Creek.

Improving Salmon Runs Since 2014

Frank Lumber Salmon Project Flyer

Check it out!

If interested in checking out what we have been up to and want to check it out in person, please visit our public location on N.E. 196th St.
Take a right off 15th Ave N.E.
The park is about a block down.
Call Frank Lumber for more info.
(206) 362-2311
*This is a dog & kid friendly park Please, only visit during daylight hours & be respectful of the hard work we have done.

A Special Thanks To

Special Thank You to Josh and Sabatian
Frank Lumber "The Door Store" wishes to extend A Special Thank You to Josh and Sabatian for keeping a watchful eye on the Property, the Eggs Barrels, and the Salmon Eggs.

Josh & Sabatian!

Special Thank You to Josh and Sabatian
Everyone at Frank Lumber is proud that we have started our 9th season keeping the creeks clear and helping preserve our local Coho Salmon runs.

  • John And Anthony At Hachery
    John, Anthony, & Jay
    Going through the Coho Salmon Eggs at the Issaquah Hatchery.
  • Viewing Salmon Eggs At Hatchery
    Viewing Salmon Eggs At Hatchery
    Checking and making sure that the Coho Salmon eggs are alive.
  • John And Anthony Eggs In Creek
    John & Anthony
    Getting ready to release the Coho Salmon eggs in The McAleer Creek Hatchery.
  • Jagger the German Shepard John And Anthony In Creek With Eggs
    Jagger, John, & Anthony
    Are happy to see the Coho Salmon eggs going into the barrell.
  • John With Egg Barrel
    Checking and making sure that the tray is stable and in good condition.
  • John And Anthony With Egg Barrel
    John & Anthony
    Concentrating hard on the environmentally important job at hand.
  • Jagger the German Shepard Up A Creek
    Supervising and checking to make sure we are doing the job correctly.
  • Anthony With Egg Barrel
    Putting the remainder of the Coho Salmon eggs in the Lyon Creek Hatchery.
  • John And Anthony Job Well Done
    John, Jay, & Anthony - Job Well Done!!!
    Proud that we have started our 9th season helping our local Coho Salmon runs.

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