Craftsman 3 Lite 3 Panel KCM-1


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3’0″ x 6’8″ x 1-3/4″
3’0″ x 7’0″ x 1-3/4″


KS-5 Etched
KS-6-C Etched

KS-4 JS-14 Patina
KS-6 JS-14 Patina

KS-1 JS-14 Zinc
KS-4 JS-14 Zinc
KS-6 JS-14 Zinc

KS-1 JS-24 Patina
KS-4 JS-24 Patina
KS-6 JS-24 Patina

KS-1 JS-26 Patina
KS-4 JS-26 Patina
KS-6 JS-26 Patina

KS-1 JS-29 Patina Blue
KS-4 JS-29 Patina Blue
KS-6 JS-29 Patina Blue

KS-1 JS-29 Patina White
KS-4 JS-29 Patina White
KS-6 JS-29 Patina White

KS-1 JS-31 Patina
KS-4 JS-31 Patina
KS-6 JS-31 Patina

KS-1 JS-31 Zinc
KS-4 JS-31 Zinc
KS-6 JS-31 Zinc

KS-4 JS-34 Patina
KS-6 JS-34 Patina

KS-1 JS-4 Patina
KS-4 JS-4 Patina
KS-6 JS-4 Patina

KS-1 JS-4 Patina Amber
KS-4 JS-4 Patina Amber
KS-6 JS-4 Patina Amber

KS-1 JS-4 Zinc
KS-4 JS-4 Zinc
KS-6 JS-4 Zinc

KS-1 JS-5 Patina
KS-4 JS-5 Patina
KS-6 JS-5 Patina

KS-1 JS-5 Zinc
KS-4 JS-5 Zinc
KS-6 JS-5 Zinc

KS-1 JS-6 NR Patina
KS-4 JS-6 NR Patina
KS-6 JS-6 NR Patina

KS-1 JS-6 Patina
KS-4 JS-6 Patina
KS-6 JS-6 Patina

KS-4 JS-6 Zinc
KS-6 JS-6 Zinc

KS-4 JS-6 Zinc Blue
KS-6 JS-6 Zinc Blue

KS-4 JS-6 Zinc Green
KS-6 JS-6 Zinc Green

KS-4 JS-6 Zinc Red
KS-6 JS-6 Zinc Red






Dripcap Options:

Dress up your door with one of the optional dripcaps.

021609 004
Dripcap #4

021609 006

Dripcap #2

021609 012

Dripcap #9540

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