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Welcome to Kylemont Custom Wood Doors. The Kylemont Door Company is part of the Frank Lumber Family and operates locally in Marysville Washington. Why buy a Kylemont Door? Kylemont doors are individually hand crafted with the finest wood products available. Kylemont controls the entire production process from start to finish.

Each door is glued and clamped by hand at all joints to ensure long lasting performance. With Kylemont Doors, you can design the door to your specifications and receive it in about 2 weeks. Oversized and undersized doors are their specialty. Custom doors and jambs are available in a wide variety of wood species such as, fir, mahogany, oak, cherry, maple and others. Kylemont offers glass in both traditional and modern designs. Visit Frank Lumber “The Door Store” in Shoreline or Marysville to see Kylemont Wood Door Products.

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