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Match-Up Service

MATCH-UP is a service Frank Lumber offers to simplify door replacement into existing jambs.

A standard MATCH-UP includes cutting your new door to size, mortising for hinges and drilling for standard locksets. Anything else must be scheduled and charged accordingly (mortise locks, mail slots, viewer preparation, pet doors etc.).

A MATCH-UP takes 1-3 hours; however, because other orders may be ahead of yours, we can only guarantee completion by 4:30 p.m. on Weekdays, or 4:00 PM on Sat.

Follow these guidelines to help us offer you the best service possible:

  • Measure the Height, Width, and Thickness of the existing door(s). If you have multiple doors, label or number them before removing them. Inspect the fit of each door.
  • Select new door(s) and make a deposit to schedule your MATCH-UP appointment.
  • Remove all hardware except hinges from your old door (locks, hooks, knockers). Locks will not be installed by us, (we do drill the correct holes). Leave the hinge pins in the jamb.
  • Leave the old door(s) with us for the MATCH-UP. Be prepared to tell us if they are functioning properly (rubbing, sagging, large gaps, etc.). The MATCH-UP is most accurate if we have the old door(s) here, rather than using measurements on paper.
  • If you intend to replace your locks, select them prior to your appt. day. If you have interlocking weatherstrip, you should discuss options for replacement with a salesperson beforehand.
  • Once the match up is complete, take the new and old door(s) home so you can assure the fit of the new door and‚ pre-finish the new door while you have the old door hanging.
  • MATCH-UPs may not be perfect the first time. Your new door may need to be brought back to Frank Lumber for adjustments – because the work is not being done at the site, test fitting is very important!
  • A MATCH-UP is not guaranteed, but we will make adjustments in our shop, if needed.

  • We do not install or replace interlocking weather stripping.

  • We do not install hardware other than hinges, the door(s) should be test fit and finished before the locks are put on.

  • A MATCH-UP is an in-store service only – we do not do any on-site work, pick-ups or deliveries!

  • Match-Up Information Measurement Sheet is available to print out.

Base Labor Fees

Door Type Price Per Door
Single Interior: $40
Single Exterior: $60
Interior Double: $70
Exterior Double: $110
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